17. Summery: Indonesia Research

I traveled with Eka Hindrati, who has been researching the case of “Comfort Women” in Indonesia for the last 10 years. She has written a book about Indonesian "Comfort Women" in both Indonesian and Japanese.

I Interviewed two Indonesian "Comfort Women". Emah Kastimah (81 years old), in Cimahi, West Java, is soft spoken and graceful. Yet, she has a vivid memory of her experience at the military comfort station. Marjiyah (80 years old), in Banyuiru, Middle Java, plans coffee in the middle of a mountain in Java.

I also visited two former Japanese Military Comfort Stations in West Java. Both were former Dutch military officers' houses. One of them was where Emah Kastimah was locked in for 2 years.
Indonesia - from Google Maps
Emah Kastimah's home
In front of a former Military Indonesian Comfort Station
A former Military Indonesian Comfort Station
With Marjiyah