18. Summary: China Research

Through Professor Zhilang Su who has been working on the Chinese “Comfort Women” issue since early 1990’s, I was able to visit the Comfort Women Museum in Shanghai which opened in 2007, and interviewed Wan Aihua *dayang, the first Chinese "Comfort Woman" to come forward in the 1990's. She is very tiny but, extremely outspoken.

Then, I visited two major former Military Comfort Stations including Dayi Salon, the first one ever in Asia, and Mei Mei Li. In Shanghai alone there were 158 comfort stations.
China - from Google Maps

Professor Zhilang Su

The "Comfort Women" Museum in Shanghai
Wan Aihua *dayang's home
At Dayi Salon, a former Military Comfort Station
At Mei Mei Li, a former Military Comfort Station