9. Dayi Salon - the first military comfort station ever in Asia

October 13, 2009

Dayi Salon is the first Japanese military comfort station ever in Asia. It is located in the heart of Shanghai downtown, and it is now occupied by low income residents.

I had a chance to visit one of the residents’ homes and inside there were carved wooden sculptures of "Mount Fuji". Outside, near the entrance, there was a building that used to be a watch tower guarding these women from escaping.

"The wooden sculptures of Mount Fuji taken from the Daiichi Salon in Shanghai, the world's first comfort station set up by the Japanese, is one of the most valuable items on display," said Professor Su, Zhiliang, the director of the Chinese Comfort Women's Research Center at the Shanghai Normal University and the founder of the Comfort Museum.

at the gate of Dayi Salon
Entrance of Dayi Salon

The carved wooden sculptures of Mount Fuji inside of Dayi Salon